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Summer Lunch and Lecture

Wednesday, 12th July 2017

at Edgbaston Golf Club, Church Road, Birmingham B15 3TB

Join us for a fascinating lecture: ‘How the Pershore Plum won WW1’ given by Prof. Maggie Andrews.

Maggie Andrews is Professor of Cultural History at the University of Worcester. Her key focus of research is domesticity and femininity. She has acted as historical advisor for BBC Radio 4’s Home Front and is the author of a range of publications, including ‘The Acceptable Face of Feminism’ and ‘The Women’s Institute as a Social Movement’, co-edited with Jenni Waugh.

She reminds us that the war was not just won on the battlefields but on the home front by the men, women and children who were left behind. The fruit and vegetables grown in the Vales of Evesham and Pershore were essential to the nation’s food production. Many local residents combined market gardening and fruit growing with other trades such as pub landlord or wheelwright.

The lecture will be followed by lunch.

Cost: £20 per person (to include lunch)

Booking opens on 1st January 2017. Download Booking Form.

Organiser: Judy Lee